Get the Facts

How Quality Education Policies are Working in Indiana

Every child deserves a quality education. Combined with the hard work of local educators, quality education policies can make that a reality for every Hoosier child. Over the last five years student achievement in our state has increased by every measure, proof that accountability, school choice, and teacher quality policies are working for our kids. The data speaks for itself.

Sign the Pledge!

Every student deserves a quality education. If you agree, sign this pledge to show your support. We know that a quality education can transform lives and countless educators, community leaders and parents are making it happen every day. Join them, and us, in a movement to ensure quality education options exist for every Hoosier student.

To ensure quality education in Indiana, the movement will:

  • – Recognize and reward teachers.
  • – Support fair and transparent accountability metrics for schools.
  • – Advocate for equitable funding for every student.
  • – Protect parents' right to choose the best school for their child.

By signing this pledge, I commit to advocating on behalf of all Hoosier students.