Every child deserves a quality education

Our team is focused on improving the quality of education for all Indiana students

Nyesha shares that @21stCharterGary offered programs she'd never seen before. #MySchoolChoiceStory #schoolchoicehttps://t.co/LU9F4a2ShB

May 23, 2018
Betsy Wiley

President & CEO


Strong Accountability That is Fair and Transparent

Communities should be able to easily understand how their local schools are performing.
Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Quality Support for Teachers

Attracting and retaining great teachers is a top priority.
Get Help Paying for School
Fred S. Klipsch



Quality Education Options for all Families

Parents deserve the freedom to choose where their child goes to school.
Review Your School

"I'm well along my way to graduating w/ my Associates Degree before graduating from H.S. next year," Antonio from… https://t.co/deTK5MsClO

May 21, 2018
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My School Options

More Equitable Funding

Every child, regardless of where they attend school, should receive more equitable funding.

Learn more about the many K-12 school options available to Hoosier families. #indiana #charterschool #privateschool https://t.co/MwCsXomhjw

May 20, 2018
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