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It is time for every child in Indiana to have the opportunity to attend a school that helps them grow, gives them access to amazing teachers, and prepares them to be successful in life. Our organization was created to help make that happen.

Our Organization

We are a nonprofit organization working to achieve three simple goals:

  1. Help more families exercise school choice
  2. Help all schools get better, so fewer students are attending D or F schools
  3. Create a network of concerned parents, educators, civic leaders and others who are interested in improving education in their own communities

We believe every parent knows what is best for their child. That is why we work to help provide parents with the tools they need to choose the right school. School choice takes many forms. It can be a parent choosing their neighborhood public school, a private school, public charter school, virtual school, or even home school. If families need help affording the school of their choice, we can direct them to programs to help pay for tuition. What matters is that the parent has good information about all the options and has the freedom to make their own choice.

We believe a child’s education is far too important for them to spend even one year in a failing school. That is why we work to celebrate student success in our schools and help connect struggling schools with resources and strategies to improve. We also support strong evaluations for teachers. Research shows that there is nothing a school can do to help students more than making sure they have a good teacher. Success in any school starts with recognizing the really good teachers and helping others get better. When teachers are successful, so are kids.

We believe change must be local. In every community across the state, there are Hoosiers who are passionate about giving children opportunities. We want to connect these organizations and individuals to help them lift up a united voice for quality education. By putting the needs of children above all else, local communities have the power to transform lives through quality education options.



To improve the quality of education for all Indiana students.


A K-12 education system that provides quality education options for every Indiana student and a statewide network advocating for education policies that benefit children.

Schools & Communities

The quality of instruction is far more important than the school model. We support all types of schools by celebrating academic successes and connecting struggling schools with the resources and strategies they need to improve. IQE also provides information and resources on school accountability metrics and policy implementation.

Students & Families

IQE empowers parents to choose the education that best fits their child’s needs. Our outreach team supports families navigating their school choice options by providing honest information about how schools are performing. If families can’t afford the school of their choice, we direct them to programs that can help pay for tuition. IQE is one of four scholarship granting organizations in Indiana. Through the support of generous donations, we are able to partner with schools to provide tax credit scholarships to eligible students.


We support student-centered policies that improve the quality of education for all children, whether they attend a traditional public school, public charter school, or private school. Our organization operates under four main pillars: recognizing and rewarding great teachers, equitable funding for all schools, strong accountability for student learning, and quality options for all.

Other Examples of IQE in Action

The Institute for Quality Education (IQE) was founded on the belief that every child deserves a quality education. The most important commitment our state can make is the promise of a high-quality education for every student, regardless of zip code or family circumstances.

Indiana is a national leader when it comes to policies that put kids first. Over the last several years, those who oppose these policies have used sharp rhetoric and misinformation to represent any changes in education policy as anti-teachers, or anti-public schools. However, this movement to improve education is not either of those things, but rather for and in support of quality schools.

The movement to improve education is:

FOR children to have access to a quality education regardless of where they live or family income

FOR parents to have more than one choice of schools for their children especially if the only choice is an underperforming school

FOR teachers to have the freedom to teach in a positive educational environment and to have an outstanding career including a competitive compensation plan

FOR school corporations, operators and leaders to have the tools including financial standards and the freedom to innovate in order to operate successfully, and

FOR the government -- the state legislature, the Governor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Board of Education and local school boards, to provide these resources while requiring strong accountability to both educational and financial standards.

There is no silver bullet to improving education. However, our staff and grassroots supporters maintain the resolve to acknowledge that the status quo is unacceptable, and that the goal of a quality education for all children must be achieved now. We have already let down too many children by providing them with a less than world-class education, this generation cannot afford to wait any longer for our schools to improve.

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