Each type of school will have slightly different rules for enrolling your student. Check out the helpful tips below.

When you are ready to enroll your student, it is a good idea to pull together the following documents:

  1. An original birth certificate
  2. Immunization records
  3. Proof of address
  4. Parent identification (i.e. driver’s license or passport)
  5. Student records or transcripts

Traditional Public Schools

If you live in within the district of the public school you choose, you may enroll your child at any time by visiting the school corporation’s central office. If you are interested in a magnet school within your district, these schools typically have an application process for families which may include a portfolio, audition and/or admission exam. Check with the individual school and/or central office to learn about specific requirements.

If you are interested in a traditional public school in another district, you may check here to see if the district will accept your student as a transfer. Every district has different enrollment procedures for transfer students, contact them to get specific information. Fees and restrictions may apply and transportation may not be provided.

Public Charter Schools

Starting in December, most charter schools accept applications for the following school year. Some schools make their application available on their website. You will need to complete the application process with the school directly and it is a good idea to contact them early to learn about any deadlines or other requirements.

If a charter school has more applicants than available spots, they are required to fill the spots through a random selection process called a lottery. If one student in your family already attends the school, they are required to give your student and any of their siblings a preference over new applicants. Current charter school students must fill out a re-enrollment form each year to let the school know if they plan to attend the next year.

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Private Schools

Each private school will have their own deadlines and procedures for applying. Private schools may have admission requirements that your student must meet to be accepted. The best strategy is to contact the school in the spring to see what will be required to enroll in the fall. Remember that if you qualify for financial assistance, all of the official paperwork must be filled out at the school when you enroll your child.

School Vouchers

  1. Determine if your family is eligible for a voucher
  2. Review the list of participating private schools
  3. See which schools are located near you and find out more about each one
  4. Contact the participating private school to apply

You must apply through the private school. That is the only way to receive a school voucher. The parent/guardian is responsible for any tuition and/or fees that the school charges beyond the school voucher amount. The Indiana Department of Education will not accept applications for one student at multiple schools, so you must select only one school in order to get your school voucher.

School Voucher Application Window Opens – March 1st, 2023
School Voucher Application Window Closes – September 1st, 2023

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Virtual Schools

There are a variety of virtual schools serving Indiana students. Each of these schools have an enrollment form you can access online. See below for a list of schools and links to their enrollment forms.

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