To improve the quality of education for all Indiana students.


A K-12 education system that provides quality education options for every Indiana student and a statewide network advocating for education policies that benefit children.

Schools & Communities

The quality of instruction is far more important than the school model. We support all types of schools by celebrating academic successes and connecting struggling schools with the resources and strategies they need to improve. IQE also provides information and resources on school accountability metrics and policy implementation.

Students & Families

IQE empowers parents to choose the education that best fits their child’s needs. Our outreach team supports families navigating their school choice options by providing honest information about how schools are performing. If families can’t afford the school of their choice, we direct them to programs that can help pay for tuition. IQE is one of four scholarship granting organizations in Indiana. Through the support of generous donations, we are able to partner with schools to provide tax credit scholarships to eligible students.


We support student-centered policies that improve the quality of education for all children, whether they attend a traditional public school, public charter school, or private school. Our organization operates under four main pillars: recognizing and rewarding great teachers, equitable funding for all schools, strong accountability for student learning, and quality options for all.