Our Organization

We are a nonprofit organization working to achieve three simple goals:

  1. Help more families exercise school choice
  2. Help all schools get better, so fewer students are attending D or F schools
  3. Create a network of concerned parents, educators, civic leaders and others who are interested in improving education in their own communities

We believe every parent knows what is best for their child. That is why we work to help provide parents with the tools they need to choose the right school. School choice takes many forms. It can be a parent choosing their neighborhood public school, a private school, public charter school, virtual school, or even home school. If families need help affording the school of their choice, we can direct them to programs to help pay for tuition. What matters is that the parent has good information about all the options and has the freedom to make their own choice.

We believe a child’s education is far too important for them to spend even one year in a failing school. That is why we work to celebrate student success in our schools and help connect struggling schools with resources and strategies to improve. We also support strong evaluations for teachers. Research shows that there is nothing a school can do to help students more than making sure they have a good teacher. Success in any school starts with recognizing the really good teachers and helping others get better. When teachers are successful, so are kids.

We believe change must be local. In every community across the state, there are Hoosiers who are passionate about giving children opportunities. We want to connect these organizations and individuals to help them lift up a united voice for quality education. By putting the needs of children above all else, local communities have the power to transform lives through quality education options.