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Working in partnership with one of six scholarship granting organizations (SGOs), local schools manage fundraising and application responsibilities. Each year, families interested in applying for a scholarship must apply through a participating private school.

Benefits of Partnering with IQE

The Institute for Quality Education is the only SGO in Indiana that is also an advocacy organization. We actively work with parents, teachers, schools and communities around the state to advance policies that ensure every child has access to a quality education. We are passionate about protecting and expanding the tax credit scholarship program and ensuring policy makers fully appreciate the impact it is having on Hoosier students. Our staff has individuals dedicated to state-wide outreach, communications, research and policy. To help parents learn more about their school choice options and whether they qualify for financial assistance, we have developed a free online tool available at Schools may point parents to this tool as a resource. Additionally, IQE partner schools have access to our new SGO administration system which allows them to easily track donations in real time, request disbursement payments, and manage the application process online.

Download a complete list of the benefits of partnering with IQE

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